Commercial Insurance
  1. Business Owners Policies
    • Combination Liability and Property Policies
  2. Commercial Automobile
  3. Commercial Property
  4. General Liability
  5. Products Liability
  6. Marine and Aircraft Liability
  7. Equipment and Installation Floaters (Inland Marine)
  8. Workers Compensation Insurance
  9. Disability Insurance
  10. Owners Contractors Policies (OCP)
  11. Designated Projects Liability
  12. Umbrella and Excess Liability
  13. Errors and Omissions Coverage
  14. Directors and Officers
  15. Life Insurance (All Kinds including Key Man)
  16. Health Insurance
  17. Commercial Package
  18. Builders Risk
  19. Installation Floaters
  20. Railroad Liability
  21. Surety
    • Performance and Maintenance Bonds
  22. Pollution Liability
  23. Garage Keepers Liability
  24. Lessor’s Risk Policies
Personal Insurance
  1. Homeowners Policies
  2. Automobile Policies
  3. Personal Umbrellas
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Jewelery, Art, and Personal Collections Riders
  6. Tenants and Renters Policies

"Our evaluation of your business and personal risk combined with our high standard of excellence will give you comfort to know that in this crazy world you will have the right team beside you."
- Bernie Polansky, VP of Coverage by Design, Corp.