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Frequently asked questions

How do I handle my NYSIF workers comp audit?

We work with the NYSIF auditors on a daily basis and have extensive knowledge in how to compile your payroll and present it in a concise manner which makes this process very easy.

What is labor law coverage?

Aka Contractual Liability; Aka Action Over

Labor Law Coverage falls under a contractor’s General Liability Coverage. This coverage helps protect and defend employers if an accident occurs.  NYS is the only state that requires this type of coverage due to labor laws 240 and 241 This legal requirement mandates construction owners and contractors to provide safety measures to protect workers.

What is additional insured?

Additional insured is a type of status associated with general liability insurance policies that provides coverage to other individuals or groups that were not initially named in the policy. With an additional insured endorsement, the additional insured will then be protected under the named insurer’s policy and can file a claim in the event that they are sued.

What is Waiver of Subrogation?

A Waiver of Subrogation is an endorsement that prohibits an insurance carrier from recovering the money they paid on a claim from a negligent third party. An Owner Client may require this endorsement from their vendors to avoid being held liable for claims that occur on their job site.

What is Primary & Non-Contributory?

Primary designates that one party’s liability policy is responsible for responding to a claim first before another entity’s policy applies. Noncontributory stops the primary party’s insurer from seeking contribution from the other entity’s policy for paying a claim.

Do I need workers compensation?

In the state of NY you are required to carry Workers Compensation if you are paying employee’s payroll, however if you are a 1 man operation you can file for a NYS Workers compensation exemption.

Do you have Financing needs for my premium?

We have several financing partners that can finance all kinds of insurance premiums.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes credit card options are available.